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Lightweight, Life-like,
1-on-1 Video Calls for Mac

100% Free. No Ads. No Tracking.

Life-like Video

The first thing you’ll notice when using Watercooler is the amazing video quality. Better than any other video conferencing app out there.

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Simple, Snappy, Fast

This is the whole app—two buttons. This simplicity allows us to optimize for the things you actually want to use and make the experience feel lightspeed.

Default UI UI During Calls

Low Memory and CPU Usage

The worst part of being in a video call is feeling like you have to close everything in order for the video to be good. Not with Watercooler. Watercooler uses less memory and than any other video conferencing app with comparable CPU.

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Made 100% for macOS

Watercooler is made for Mac. We paid a lot of attention to making it look and feel like a native macOS app. That’s everything from using native UI elements to making sure dark mode and accent colors work picture perfect.

No Account Needed

You don’t need to sign up for anything with Watercooler. When you download the app, you get your very own anonymous Watercode which you can send to anyone you want to talk to.

100% Free, No Ads, No Tracking

We’ll say it again; Watercooler is completely free and has no form of advertising or tracking. This is made possible by the fact that it’s peer to peer and has extremely low maintenance costs. In the future, we’ll be releasing some paid features, but we are committed to always providing a generous free tier.

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Big Things Coming

Watercooler is the work of a small dedicated team trying to take on some big players. We’re still missing some big features, but we’ll get there. If you’re interested in any particular feature, let us know and we’ll notify you only when that feature ships: